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A daring Gokwe mermaid snatches two boys and shows them off before killing them

In a rather stranger than fiction case, which left people at Village Seven under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe shocked, two boys died under unclear circumstances after they were reportedly snatched by a suspected mermaid at Pachemumvuri Dam. ... Full story

Gokwe woman beaten up for requesting to buy urine from pregnant woman

A Gokwe woman got a sound beating from the public after she asked to buy a pregnant woman’s urine for $500. ... Full story

Kids collapse at a Harare local school as snakes roam in classroom

Five pupils collapsed at Dzivaresekwa 4 Primary School after two snakes were spotted and killed in their class forcing parents to demonstrate against the school authorities. ... Full story

Bulawayo man claims to be a god as he dismisses Jesus and the second coming

Prophets out-do each other claiming all sorts of miracles to gain a following but one man has pulled the big card and claimed to be God. Yes, God. ... Full story

Harare woman vomits 'bond note' during the new year eve prayer

Congregants at a church in Highfield were reportedly shocked after a woman vomited a two dollar bond note in church. ... Full story

Son disappears with father's future wife for his own advantage

Love has some rules in Gokwe! Motion Nyoni (24) found a soulmate in Locadia Tshuma and he decided to take her to meet his father Marandu Nyoni before going ahead with lobola negotiations. ... Full story

Goblins at Chegato primary school now molesting male teachers

Chegato Primary School in Mberengwa is apparently now a theatre of action-packed dramas! ... Full story

Binga woman gives birth to a baboon-like creature - Nurses burn it soon after delivery

A 23-yr-old woman from Binga left nursing staff and villagers at Sinansengwe Health Care in shock after giving birth to a “baboon-like” baby. Veronica Dube of Chitete village, Sinansengwe Area under Chief Sinansengwe went into labour on Monday evening following her normal nine-month term of pregnancy. ... Full story

Man suffers dysfunction with other women and accuses wife for using black magic on him

A polygamous man in Bulawayo is accusing his first wife of using juju on his manhood so that it fails to sustain an erection each time he tries to be intimate with his second wife. ... Full story

A prophet uses juju to con a family struggling with nuissance goblin in their homstead

Prophet got away with two cows after instilling fear in a family from Jibajiba in Lupane that had hired him to exorcise a goblin that allegedly terrorised them. ... Full story

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