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A daring satanist woman initiates several womeni at Mpilo hospital

A daring servant of darkness reportedly caused panic at Mpilo Central Hospital last week after she reportedly attempted to initiate several mothers admitted to the children’s Orange Ward into her satanic cult. ... Full story

Gokwe north communities compete for wild grass with animals

Gokwe North communities under Chief Simchembu are now surviving on wild grass as shortage of maize has hit hard due to the drought. ... Full story

Inyathi teenager confesses to feasting upon human flesh together with goblins

IN a terrifying case of suspected witchcraft which has once again put African science on the spotlight on whether it is real or not, a ... Full story

Farting husband punched and booted out of bed by angry wife

A Mpumalanga woman has been arrested after she thoroughly beat up her husband as punishment for farting in bed. Fikile Nyamane claimed that he was elbowed by his wife Nompumelelo after she woke up because of his persistent farting. ... Full story

Xhosa student dares to lose her womanhood to the highest bidder

A beautiful and young Xhosa student is auctioning her vir_ginity to the highest bidder on popular classifieds website OLX . ... Full story

Harare man's joystick stops working on other women after ex-wife casts a spell

A Chitungwiza man has sensationally claimed that his wife of six years se_xually ‘locked’ him so that he cannot bed other women. ... Full story

Mayhem as Bulawayo family discovers a dead Kudu by their doorstep

A family from Bulawayo’s North end suburb are in a dilemma after they woke up to find a dead “visitor” by their doorstep in the form of a kudu. ... Full story

Missouri woman gets herself pregnant by a corpse: plan to sue dead man's estate for child support underway

Police in Lexington Missouri have charged Felicity Marmaduke, a 38 year old mortuary worker with desecration of the dead and necrophilia after becoming pregnant by one of her clients... ... Full story

Conman makes powerful testmony and steals phones from pentacostal worshippers

The secret of being a top-notch conman is being able to know what the mark wants and how to make him think he is getting it! ... Full story

Bulawayo woman stuck by amnesia after being hit by witchcraft object

Imagine, in an instant, you don’t remember anything about your past — moments you shared with your husband, children and relatives all gone? ... Full story

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