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Newly married couple suffer a blow as HIV surfaces among them

Six months after their marriage, a woman from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb will live to curse the day she got married after discovering that her husband kept his status a secret and infected her with HIV. ... Full story

Drama in Bikita as two close friends-cum-churchmates clash over paternity of a 5 year child from same woman

While some men are busy denying paternity, a man from Munyika Village under Chief Mpakwa in Bikita is fighting with his estranged wife’s lover-cum-best friend and churchmate who is also claiming to be the biological father of his last child aged five years. ... Full story

Evil Madzibaba uses wicked prophetic powers to bed married women in his shrine

Women don’t know it’s happening but when it’s over they have no doubt what happened! And later when their husbands confronted the culprit who is also a man of God while accusing him of using magical powers to lure their wives to bed under the guise of healing them, he reportedly threatened them with a curse. ... Full story

Mnangagwa has about 18 known children

A publication based in the United Kingdom has added to the mystery around President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offspring by claiming the 76-year-old former Zanla combatant has a total of 18 children. ... Full story

Zimbabwean court issues warrant of arrest for Jonathan Moyo

State security agencies have reportedly engaged International Police (Interpol) to help in the search and extradition of exiled former Higher and Tertiary Education minister, Jonathan Moyo (pictured), so that he returns to Zimbabwe to face trial for alleged abuse of the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) money. ... Full story

A prominent Cameraman and editor of Godness and Mercy Ministries fired for dating married women

Editor and cameraman attached to Goodness and Mercy Ministries’ media section was fired from work over dating a married woman in the same ministry. ... Full story

Zimbabwe outlaws import of bedroom pleasure dolls

As the world grapples with the new phenomena of sex dolls, Zimbabwe and Botswana have them outlawed. So fellas, if you have one or fancy one you can use them in South Africa. They don’t come cheap by the way, the cheapest being R16 000, just above $1 200. ... Full story

Supernaturally enpowered goblin doll kills a renowned wizard

If what is happening is anything to go by, then the dolls deserve an award for suddenly becoming man’s best friend, satisfying them sexually and being used to fight wars! ... Full story

Gokwe troubled man seeks help for his ever growing breasts

A Gokwe man claims to have mysteriously grown a pair of breasts. Blessed Bepe (46) of Village Tizora under Chief Njelele said he could not even sleep because of the newest feature on his body. ... Full story

Magistrate orders ex-husband to surrender all his ex-wife's knickers in the presents of police officers

Nizibone Meyaphi who apparently doesn’t want to be like South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu celebrated for her no-panty stunt pulled a shocker when she passionately pleaded with her ex-husband Fikile Danisa Mathonsi to surrender “all” her underpants she left at his house when he unceremoniously chucked her out. ... Full story

Mayhem as one of family member converts family's poop land his maize field

A family from Sontala Ward 12 in Kezi under Chief Bango’s area is accusing one of theirs of setting up a homestead in an area where they have been defecating for generations. ... Full story

Dokora seeking peace order from his drisgruntled mistress

Former Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora is seeking protection from his former mistress, Caroline Muswera. ... Full story

Drama as two Harare bereaved families jostle for same grave for burrying loved ones

Two Harare families were at loggerheads yesterday as they both wanted to bury their deceased relatives in one grave. ... Full story

Zvishavane man arrested for sucking another patron's manhood in the bar urinary

He wished to have a huge one! A Zvishavane man is struggling to come to terms with what befell him when he was in a toilet as one man who admired his manhood forcibly sucked it. ... Full story

Zvishavane couple bumps into each other with their extra-marital partners at a local lodge

There was drama at a popular guest house in Zvishavane when a couple reportedly bumped into each other on New Year’s Eve, each with a secret lover apparently heading for a lunch-time sex romp. ... Full story

Son in court for torching father's goblin paraphenalia

When a prophet told him that his father was behind his life’s misfortunes Abednico Ntete (20) failed to control his temper and rushed to his rural home where he burnt his supposed father’s goblins and church regalia. ... Full story

Wife annoyed by daring 'small house' visiting husband after midnight every night

A cheeky small house is reportedly on a mission to destroy a 20-year-old marriage. ... Full story

Wizard caught trying to convert dead neighbour into a goblin

A villager was caught red-handed on top of his neighbour’s grave carrying a clay pot attempting to make the late his goblin. ... Full story

Gutu women demonstrate against brewing of Kachasu that weakens their men in bed

IF Hollywood directors were to come to Zimbabwe to pick comic stories to make movies, they would definitely make a perfect movie out of the following tale of some married women from Makore Village in Gutu who reportedly staged a demonstration against kachasu brewing in the area, claiming the illicit brew was behind the dwindling bedroom performance of their husbands. ... Full story

Mayhem as a Zvishavane man gets caught by his wife at his other secret wedding

Thinking of ignoring a private call? Think again as a woman from Zvishavane will live to be grateful to one as it alerted her about her husband’s ongoing secret wedding. ... Full story

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