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Tich Mataz spotted at one of Harare's dodgy pastors church service

Embattled radio and television personality Tichafa ‘Tich Mataz’ Matambanadzo on Sunday visited controversial pastor Paul Sanyangore’s church service at the Kingstones House in search of spiritual help. ... Full story

'Chibaba' Soul Jah Love denies facebook rounds of leg amputation

 Dancehall star Soul Jah Love – real name Soul Musaka – has laughed at claims doing rounds on social media that he has been amputated. The chanter said he is in the right state of health and that nothing has hindered his singing career. ... Full story

Why Evan Mawarire decided to come back to Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans across the divide have been debating on whether it was wise for activist clergyman and founder of #ThisFlag movement, Evan Mawarire to come back to the country after his six months self-exile in the United States. ... Full story

Bulawayo woman sleeps with mobile phone inside knickers due to jealousy husband

Forget passwords and patterns, a Bulawayo woman sleeps with her cellphone well placed in her panties to keep her “private” messages and calls from her nosy husband. ... Full story

Victoria Falls man fined for beating wife for sharing lipstick with local hooker

A local man who beat up his wife before attempting to tear off a marriage certificate to punish her for associating with friend suspected to be a hooker, has been fined $50. ... Full story

Evan Mawarire locked up upon landing on Harare international airport

This Flag protest leader Evan Mawarire returned to Zimbabwe Wednesday and was promptly arrested upon arrival at Harare International Airport. ... Full story

Bulawayo woman arrested for having lesbian affair with her tenant's daughter

In a pure act of lesbianism, a 27-year-old woman from Somerton suburb in Bulawayo was arrested after she confessed she was “madly” in love with her tenant’s 14-year-old daughter who is in Form Two at a local girls high school. ... Full story

Harare woman knocked down with empty beer bottle for committing adultery with three men

A Glen View woman has been hospitalized at Harare Central Hospital after she was attacked on Tuesday with an empty beer bottle by her husband for allegedly cheating with two men. ... Full story

Soul Jah love rushed to hospital as his condition gets worse on stage in UK

Ailing dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love was reportedly admitted in an England hospital after his condition worsened during his tour last month. ... Full story

Sound tutorial on how to dance the Congolese ndombolo effectively

Those who are keen and dying to learn how to dance Ndombolo the Congolese way please spare few minutes to this video. ... Full story

As Stunner gets stunned by Olinda , he posts own video in responds

After Olinda Chapel went live on Facebook and aired Stunner‘s dirty laundry, another video appeared on youtube. ... Full story

Olinda dumps Stunner on social media

Hip Hop singer Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme, was dumped by his wife Olinda Chapel in a very emotional video. ... Full story

Church prophet arrested after Tilda's radio show for adultery with four congregants

By  Grace Ministries founder, Onbert Mapfumo, was on Tuesday arrested after admitting he impregnated a married woman and sexually abused three others. ... Full story

Concerned citizen gives ultimatum to government to publish terms and conditions of bond notes or face court

President Robert Mugabe’s government has been thrown into a fresh bond notes quandary after a citizen threatened to take Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to court ... Full story

Lightining owner ready to release more bolts to daring rivals

The owner of mysterious lightning that left Billard villagers in fear after it struck a homestead last week leaving it in flames for three days reportedly bounced back threatening to deal with anyone who dared step into his homestead. ... Full story

Zimra boss fired for watching inappropriate content at work

Former Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) boss’ marital problems worsened when his enraged wife made stunning disclosures in court that her husband was fired from work after he was allegedly caught watching pornography. ... Full story

Ghanaian and Dutch criminals caught running a fake US embassy in Ghana

Authorities in Ghana have busted a fake US embassy in the capital Accra run by a criminal network that for a decade issued illegally obtained authentic visas, the US State Department has said. ... Full story

Meet the woman who has two husbands on the same bed each night for a decade

For more than a decade, Jack Chako (38) of Bolon Farm in Raffingora has been living happily with her two husbands, Michael Hwita and Liford Chimoto, with whom she shares one bed. ... Full story

Zimbabwe-Cuba Teacher Education Programme improved quality of Education in Zimbabwe

Education is an important tool for the development of a nation. A quality education system will in turn produce an educated population which can contribute towards building a better society ... Full story

Harare Hookers prefer receiving payment for services rendered through electronic means

“No bank card‚ no fun‚” says Harare sex worker Primrose *‚ taunting a male client who says he has no cash at the end of the month. ... Full story

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