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Grace Mugabe frog marched out of Johannesburg hotel after bashing son's girlfriend

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President Robert Mugabe’s short-fused wife, Grace, on Sunday suffered the embarrassment of being thrown out of a Johannesburg hotel with her two sons after she had allegedly assaulted a young woman who was said to be her son, Chatunga's girlfriend.


Back home, Zimbabwe’s controversial First Lady is often feted and described as “Her Excellency” by President Mugabe’s fawning followers.


But that was not the case at a hotel in South Africa’s commercial hub of Johannesburg on Sunday evening when hotel security was called to push her out of the facility.


This was after she had allegedly made her own contributions to Johannesburg sky-rocketing violent crime stats through her alleged assault on the 20-year-old, who was a guest to her binging sons who are supposedly in South Africa for studies.


Gabriella Engels‚ 20‚ claimed she was assaulted by Mugabe's wife at a Sandton‚ hotel around 9pm after she went to visit the Zimbabwean leader's two sons.


"We were chilling in a hotel room‚ and they were in the room next door‚" Engels told South African media.


"She came in and started hitting us. The front of my forehead is busted open. I'm a model and I make my money based on my looks."


She said Grace Mugabe proceeded to beat her and two of her friends with an extension chord‚ while the two sons ran away and the Mugabe bodyguards looked on.


She said she suffered gashes to her forehead and scalp.


Garnet Basson‚ CEO of The Capital hotel group‚ where the alleged assault took place‚ said there was an incident that prompted management to ask guests to leave the hotel.


"What happened in the hotel room‚ I don't have a comment on ... I can't disclose the name. We did have guests removed from the premises due to a scenario where we thought it was not good for them to stay there.


"It was almost a forceful exit‚ but it wasn't. It was a decent exit after about a half an hour of discussions."


The First Layd’s bust up with her son’s lover set social media into overdrive with most being appalled by her apparent violent temperament.


Grace has often been linked to confrontations with foreign journalists when she flies out with the Zimbabwean leader who would be seeking medical treatment abroad.


Back home, she has been the target of criticism by Zanu PF opponents after she is often screened on television harassing cabinet ministers and government officials for apparent failure to toe the government line


The latest incident is an additional embarrassment to her elderly husband who is feared could now be finding it difficult to control his increasingly influential wife.


President Mugabe, ironically a feared leader among his people, admitted in 2014 he lived under a domineering wife. This is after Grace had told him to end him speech which he was delivering during a party elective congress.

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