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Mnangagwa leaves Zimbabwe for treatment in South Africa

The plot thickened around suspected attempts on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s life after the embattled Zanu PF number two was flown to South African hospitals over weekend amid “food poisoning” claims by party rivals. ... Full story

Grace Mugabe frog marched out of Johannesburg hotel after bashing son's girlfriend

President Robert Mugabe’s short-fused wife, Grace, on Sunday suffered the embarrassment of being thrown out of a Johannesburg hotel with her two sons after she had allegedly assaulted a young woman who was said to be her son, Chatunga's girlfriend. ... Full story

Top ranking politician fails to raise money for paternity tests as maintenance wrangle rages on

An interim order which was passed in a maintenance wrangle pitting a top politician and his alleged mistress in which he was disputing the paternity of a seven-year-old child is now a final order after the politician allegedly failed to raise money to go for paternity tests. ... Full story

Bev Sibanda visits chipinge traditional heal to enhance her raunchy dance antics

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda reportedly met a popular Chipinge sangoma along with manager Harpers Mapimhidze during their tour of Manicaland and Mozambique last weekend. ... Full story

Bevv rants about her dating life on social media, as people question her morality

Celebrity dancer Beverly Sibanda has slammed people who are describing Andy Muridzo as a Hero for having unprotected se_x with her. The 25 year old says she has a se_x life despite being known for her dirty dancing. ... Full story

Bev the raunchy dancer finally pregnant after performing dance in a real bed

Controversal dancer Beverly Sibanda claims to be carrying Andy Muridzo’s child having engaged in unprotected sex after her Depo Provera had expired. ... Full story

Historian says Z.C.C founder Samuel Mutendi faked his life story

UNISA historian Barry Morton, the author of many books and articles on Southern African history, maintains that the legendary founder of the Zimbabwean ZCC, Samuel Mutendi, faked large parts of his autobiography. ... Full story

Prophet Uebert Angel to answer force charges levelled against him

The leader of the Good News Church formerly known as Spirit Embassy, Prophet Uebert Angel is being haunted by multiple cases of force which were reported to the authorities who are keen to interview him in connection these as he is the accused in all of them. ... Full story

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