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Mayhem at lodge as several items go missing after lady Squanda's departure

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Lady Squanda has been accused of stealing goods worth $70 from a lodge in Kwekwe. Lady Squanda had attended a show organised by award-winning DJ Fydale dubbed “DJ Fydale UK Tour Welcome Bash”.

Fydale paid for everything and left. “On Saturday morning, workers at the lodge realised that the following things were missing; drying towel, pillowcases, bed cover, two sheets, and coffee mugs. “They called DJ Fydale telling him that there were items missing. Fydale then gave them Squanda’s number and they called her.
She promised them that she would come back,” the source said. Lady Squanda is said to have later on switched off her phone.  “After about seven hours, the lodge owners called her and she was no longer picking up her phone. She ended up switching it off. They then called Fydale and threatened to report the matter to the police.

“Fydale then negotiated on Squanda’s behalf, and paid for the missing items. Fydale did not want the story to come out but people at the lodge were angry. When Fydale called her she said handizvizive ukabhadhara wakapusa (I don’t know anything to do with the issue, if you pay it’s your own business.)

Fydale said he got a call from the lodge but did not want delve into the matter. “I am not sure if it happened but I got a call from the lodge and I paid them,” he said.

Lady Squanda dismissed the accusations as entirely false. “It is a lie, I did not take anything. I got a call from the lodge over the matter and I said I would go back to sort it out. “Unfortunately, I could not go back as I had a show in Marondera. If I took their stuff why did they not make it a police case?” she queried.

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