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Bulawayo woman stuck by amnesia after being hit by witchcraft object

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Imagine, in an instant, you don’t remember anything about your past — moments you shared with your husband, children and relatives all gone?

That happened to Ivy Mabaleka — a 39-year-old woman from Ntshamathe in the Sigola area of Matabeleland South. She not only lost her memories, she also lost her husband who could not stand what had happened to her.


Six years ago, Mabaleka was hit by a mysterious object while bathing. The object struck her left leg but surprisingly it triggered amnesia.


From that time those that lived with her including the man who swore “until death do us part” Clifford Ncube found her to be more demanding. Six year later, it’s all coming back to her.


“I remember how I became an object of ridicule to my husband’s family because they did not want me to keep on staying with him,” said Ivy explaining that it’s all coming back to her bit by bit.


The sickness did not only take away her memory, it was starting to affect her eye sight.


“I became partially blind,” she added.


Ncube eventually divorced his wife and cut ties with her. But she had no idea what was really happening.


“His family persuaded him to divorce me because they felt I was a stumbling block in his life,” added Ivy. Ivy is still on a recovery path under the care of her parents and has physiotherapy treatment and memory recap treatment.


Her father, Ivan Mabaleka is bitter about the way his in-laws treated his daughter.


“My daughter is suffering. Every time I look at her my heart bleeds,” said Ivan.


“I just wish she gets well so that she can be able to get married and fend for herself again,” said the father.


The Mabalekas took Ncube to court where he was instructed to pay child support. Phone numbers given to B-Metro by the Mabalekas to contact Ncube’s family were not reachable.

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