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Conman makes powerful testmony and steals phones from pentacostal worshippers

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The secret of being a top-notch conman is being able to know what the mark wants and how to make him think he is getting it!

A Hwange conman decided to put the above saying to test after realising that Pentecostal worshippers believe so much in testimonies and therefore, he fabricated one to get easy money.

The unidentified conman’s target was the Hwange Faith in God Ministries Church where he gave a supposed powerful testimony claiming to have encountered a financial breakthrough.

During the testimony, he claimed he had got a job as a supervisor in Harare and therefore wanted to empower other brethrens by employing them.

The congregants believed the testimony and fell prey to his trick when they confronted him after the church service. He  agreed to meet them on Monday.

“Everyone believed the testimony and no one suspected that he was a conman coming to deceive people.

 “On Monday, he met up with 14 congregants and told them that they each had to pay $5 for processing paper work.

 “He also demanded their cellphones under the pretext that he was trying to phone his boss in Harare,” said one of the congregants.

Still not thinking of the worst, they paid the required money and the conman having achieved his mission, disappeared.

“He was given all the money and still pretending to be trying to make a call, he moved from the place where they had gathered.

“Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours, the conman never returned and that is when congregants started searching for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

“They then tried to get his details from other church members, but it turned out little was known about him.  He had just arrived at church and told one of the ushers that he had a testimony,” said the source.

It then became clear that the congregants had been robbed and the conman got away with four cell phones and cash.  Pastor Emmanuel Hove (ABOVE) from the branch confirmed the incident.

“I received a report that there is something of that sort which happened to some of our congregants.

“The world is coming to an end and we should pray for such people. It turns out this man conned these people when they met on Monday and it did not happen at church,” he said.


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