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Chaos reigns as a Kuwadzana woman allegedly gives birth to a chicken head

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There was real life drama in Kuwadzana I yesterday when residents gathered at a house where a woman alleged to be a hooker allegedly gave birth to a creature which looked like a chicken head.


Police moved swiftly to control the crowd at House No. 1810 where one Melisa was crying for help in labour pains only to deliver an item that looked like a chicken head.


Melisa was reported to have quarrelled with a married woman only identified as Chihera for cohabiting with her husband identified as Elton of Hatfield.


Elton celebrated his birthday over the weekend with Melisa and friends where they spent USS600. at least according to him. Elton called Chihera to the scene after Melisa struggled over night failing to deliver the item and the former attended the scene accompanied by Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri popularly known for ‘back to sender* prayers.


Madzibaba Stephen asked Melisa to confess and she narrated how she engaged a sangoma based in Mozambique who gave her charms to bewitch Chihera and the charms were recovered by Madzibaba under her bed.


Chihera told H-Metro that she sought help from Madzibaba Stephen after Melisa humiliated her in front of her friends where Elton was locked inside.


“My husband dumped the family and this forced me to consult Madzibaba Stephen and he helped me in locking his private parts but he continued to cohabit with Melisa.'' said Chihera.


“Ndakasveeredzwa nepfambi musiwe Saturday vakavharira murume wangu ndikatauriswa nave nepahwindo vachidya mari dzake. Ndakanzi murume ndewako kanauinaye kana arikuno ndewedu enda


“I went to Chitungwiza where I wailed at Madzibaba Stephen's shrine for back to sender prayers and my cries were heard. “This morning 1 received a call from my husband narrating what had happened to Melisa ndikaziva kuti riva rangu rabata ndokuudza Madzibaba Stephen.


“I made a trick of commanding my husband's mobile phone to record calls. This is how I discovered that he was dating Melisa of Kuwadzana," said Chihera. Melisa refused to entertain H-Metro after she confessed and delivered the items being helped by her sister in front of police officers and Madzibaba Stephen.


Madzibaba Stephen confirmed helping Chihera and warned people over engaging foreign Sangomas saying some will end up receiving goblins that will put their lives in danger.


“This woman visited our shrine where she drew attention of many as she wailed uncontrollably seeking to consult me." said Madzibaba Stephen. “I attended her and gave her ‘Hoko chiwororo' this is not back to sender but a prayer that fixes cheats, if it was back to sender she (Melissa) could have died.


“Married people must lean to respect their families and I am warning those cheating with married men to look for alternative ways of raising money not wrecking marriages.


“Those consulting foreign sangomas must be careful since they will end up receiving goblins because I recovered a plate with charms and a two dollar note Melisa used to lure men for sex. “Whoever engages in sex with Melisa would forget his family and this triggered me to use Hoko chiwororo,'’ said Madzibaba Stephen. Police had to escort Madzibaba Stephen to leave the station after a crowd of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the 'back to sender' prophet.

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