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Lightining owner ready to release more bolts to daring rivals

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The owner of mysterious lightning that left Billard villagers in fear after it struck a homestead last week leaving it in flames for three days reportedly bounced back threatening to deal with anyone who dared step into his homestead.

The villagers’ suspicions that there was more to the lightning incident than what met the eye were confirmed by Mavengere’s return to the village as he reportedly confirmed the lightning was a sign to show his powers.

On the day in question, it is said that a white small ball was seen landing on the hut’s roof before turning black and setting it alight. Since villagers had witnessed what transpired, they did not put out the fire because they feared for their lives. The fire was extinguished by heavy rains on the third day.

“After the story of the lightning was published by B-Metro, the man who used to stay at the homestead after the death of its owner Mercy Moyo returned to the village.

“He made it clear that no one should stay at the homestead and the lightning was a warning to those who had interests in the homestead.

“Mavengere said anyone who moved to stay at the homestead will be struck by lightning,” said Sazini Mangena (PICTURED.

The row over the homestead started last year in October after the death of its owner. Mavengere who had been hired to look after the homestead told the deceased’s children that their mother gave it to him before she died.

He was later forced out by police resulting in the mysterious lightning incident.

“The children are afraid of moving to their mother’s homestead because of Mavengere’s threats.

“The villagers are also afraid of passing near the homestead as they also fear for their lives,” said Mangena.

When Mavengere was contacted for comment, he confirmed visiting the area after the lightning incident, but did not comment on the allegations.

“I was forced out of that homestead and when I returned last week, I had only gone to sell my goats,” said Mavengere before hanging up his phone.

The village head Airforce Ndlovu said they will take action against Mavengere after discussing the issue with the troubled family.

“If Mavengere threatened people, some action will be taken, but as of now I am still waiting to hear the full story of what transpired,” said Ndlovu.

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