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Fake prophets arrested for duping unsuspecting clients with artificial goblins

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Fake prophets arrested for duping unsuspecting clients with artificial goblins

Two fake prophets were recently unmasked after their prank mission to expose goblins and sorcery at a Mhondoro-Mubaira homestead in Mutunhamombe village hit a snag.


The uncertain faith frontrunners, Charles Sakimu of Godheka, 26, village under Chief Makope in Chiweshe and Joseph Musadasada, 25, of Chokocho village under Chief Chipuriro in Guruve, were having their business at Ganyiwa family after their exorcism exercise was found unconvincing to the victims.


No goblins were found by the bogus prophets but Charles, as the leader of the game, confirmed that they had sighted wicked substances in the homestead.


It has been revealed that the two alleged prophets have been called by Godfrey Ganyiwa (88) and his family to eliminate goblins in the homestead since the clan was experiencing a number of mysterious deaths amongst family members.


Speaking to H-Metro, Godfrey Ganyiwa, in shock after experiencing such an incident at his homestead said:


“Mwanangu musha wanga wapinda matsotsi, problems do lead us to seek the services of these prophets in order to live a perfect life.


“I want to thank the community for assisting me in identifying these bogus prophets before they confiscated my wealth including my beasts


“The prophets negotiated with me to resolve my problems at home and I had confidence in them.


“On every issue raised they demanded a beast so as to remove dangerous material associated with the death of my family members.


“So all in all I was set to pay them three beasts


“At first Charles came alone to heal my brother at his homestead. My brother was not feeling well before we decided to consult prophets for a spiritual answer.


“Yes problems do come in families and as elders we seek help so as to reduce stress in our minds but in this case I am left embarrassed with such prophets,” said Godfrey


The alleged “prophets” who claimed they came from the Johanne Masowe eNguvo Tsvuku indicated that they had superpowers to eradicate goblins and witchcraft ingredients from wicked people in the area as well as to identify the culprits.


“We have powers to remove goblins and our main objective is to assist families who are living in terrible situations from the effects of goblins and avenging spirits.


“We started the prophetic business in 2014 after being called to do so by superpowers invested in us.


“It is to our surprise that we are blamed in Mhondoro for implanting fake goblins in homesteads, yet in some parts of the country like Zaka we did a perfect job for a number of families” said Charles.


The two “prophets” were found in possession of a live tortoise wrapped with beads, four horns hidden in their undergarments and a container full of oil which they used to do the false prophetic business.


Currently the bogus prophets are detained at Norton Police Post for their charges.


In such a case David Mutunhamombe (49) who is the headman in the victim’s village responded and recommended that parents, especially the elderly ones, should be careful on who to consult for their problems to be resolved because these false prophets are creating chaos among families.


“Witch-hunting and exorcism practices should be carried with authorized people and I urge all people to report to village security officers if such happenings persist,” said David.


Member of Parliament for Mhondoro-Mubaira Costituency George Gangarahwe who was spearheading the arrest of the bogus prophets also spoke on the issue,


“I am requesting the government to craft a bill which pronounces the arrest of such people.


“Our parents are suffering and failing to live in harmony with others in the community due to these false prophets.


“As a government representative I am not going to leave any stone unturned and the two guys shall save as an example to the whole nation as well as to those who are still practicing such ruthless actions upon our elderly ones.


“Our elders are blamed for nothing and false prophets should be charged for such unscrupulous behaviour.


“My advice to the whole nation is that, there is no prophetic healing or assistance which should be done for payment.


“Vabereki ngavangwarire matsotsi aya. ”

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