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Spine chillling satanism activities rife at Nyanyadzi high school

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A 17-year-old Nyanyadzi High School girl, who exposed Satanic shenanigans that sparked off protests and brought business at the school to a standstill on Monday, has made spine chilling revelations, whose script reads like an African movie.


The Form 3 girl revealed that each of the 400 students initiated into Satanism had a big black snake that one would leave behind in bed or in class each time they went out for their routine blood sucking errands. Three teachers were also Satanists.


The girl said she was initiated into Satanism by simply accepting a chocolate sweet from a colleague at the school who had already been converted. The teenager, who spoke with authority and barely minced her words, said 400 students at the school, 398 of them girls, were Satanists.


“I joined Satanism after I was given a chocolate sweet by a Form 4A student (name withheld). I started feeling very tired each morning as if I had been working all night. I then started having this big black snake that would come to me while in bed and I was not scared of it at all.


“That is the snake I would leave behind in bed each time we went out and those sleeping next to me would not see the snake. The same thing would happen while in class because we would sometimes go out at around 9am and come back towards lunch. We would usually go to India dressed in black bum shorts and black back out tops.


“We would go on horseback but the horses would be trotting mid-air until we reach our destination. In India we would get into a very large pool of human blood with only our heads above the pool of blood. So many people from different parts of the world gather in that place. We would eat human intestines and liver,” she said.


The girl also said they visited countries that included Namibia, Mozambique and India She also said she would eat two kilogrammes of biscuits and five litres of soft drink on a daily basis.


Said the girl: “When we went to Namibia for the inauguration of a new Queen, I was given $1 000. I would buy snacks but each time I dip my fingers in the packet to start consuming the snacks, they would turn into human intestines in my eyes.”


She said she was named Mildred in the underworld of Satanism and her job was to collect blood after her colleagues had drained it from targeted victims. Our teacher was also a ‘Queen’. She was known to almost everyone we met in our sojourns.


“There are other teachers at a nearby school as well as at the primary school. They convert mostly females especially those with good looks. When we went for our trips we would not see each other along the way but we would meet when we arrive,” she said.


The teenage girl said that she suddenly thought of quitting the cult and that did not go down well with the ‘Queen’ female teacher, who insisted that quitting was not an option.


“When I decided to quit, our teacher was not happy. I remember when we went for some schools sports competitions at a nearby school, she bought two ice creams and gave me one. I refused to take it. She shouted at me for refusing the ice cream. She asked whether I took her for a fool. There was an SDC member who was present when this happened.


“She told me the benefits of Satanism saying it would lead me into financial prosperity and that I would pass all my subjects in school. From that day I decided not to get into her class as she ordered me not to attend her lessons.


The girl reported the matter to the deputy headmaster as the headmaster was not around on that day. The deputy headmaster asked her to write a detailed report.


“Somehow the issue leaked to the female teacher, resulting in her threatening me with legal action for defaming her. Since then I would dream about her coming back to me but she would not do anything as I was already getting help from local apostolic churches,” she said.


During her time in Satanism practice, the girl said she would not have menstrual periods.


“There are also a number of things that they use to convert people including lotions, necklaces, rings or even face powder. Most of these items have the number 666 inscribed on them,” she said. On Monday, business came to standstill at the school as enraged demonstrators demanded the immediate ouster of the female teacher who allegedly initiated the 400 students and three teachers into Satanism.


Nyanyadzi High School, which has Form One up to Form Six classes, has 1 380 students.


More than 1 000 people, constituting of mainly parents with children at the school, gathered at the school chanting revolutionary songs while baying for the blood of the female teacher.


Riot police had to be called in to calm the situation and maintain peace and order.  The demonstrators were singing while demanding the release of the female teacher and her colleagues who were kept indoors for their own safety.


When The Weekender arrived at the scene, irate demonstrators were singing, demanding the release of the teacher and her colleagues who were kept indoors for their own safety.


Provincial Education Director Mr Edward Shumba, who went to the school to investigate the matter said he would ensure that the learning process continued while all the issues were resolved outside the school system. manica

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