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Pregnant actress gets a hard beating from producer boyfriend

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A love affair between an actress Fatima Makunganya and ZBC TV series “Outrage” producer Admire Maramba has ended prematurely after the two were involved in a nasty break up.


Fatima is also part of the crew behind the making of Outrage and a former Wenera actress who starred as Tanya.


The duo’s love affair turned sour when the pregnant actress received a text message from her friend (name withheld) who dreamt of her late husband saying she was still bound to him (the late husband).


“I only received a text from my friend saying she dreamt of my ex-husband (late) and it seemed his soul is not at peace with me dating another guy.


“She explained the dream to me in the text message and the way it read meant something was wrong according to her and she advised me to pray so that my new marriage lives on.


“When Admire saw the text, he felt jealous and started behaving strangely and attacked me.


“He pummelled me before hitting me with a chair, and belt all over my body leaving me with bruises despite the fact that I am pregnant with his baby,” she said.


“He has always been a violent man and even his family members are aware of this.


“They warned me saying he separated with his ex-wife because of the same violent nature.


“He also told me that he is well connected and the story will not be published so I was afraid to come here (H-Metro).”


Fatima said the two have been cohabiting since the beginning of the year.


“We started staying together as husband and wife in January. He is insecure and he doesn’t allow me to talk to people or even greet them.


“I am an actress; people have been watching me on TV so they will be greeting me and also trying to talk to me but he is not comfortable.


“He also vowed that I will not have this unborn baby and he is threatening me.


“At one point, he threatened me saying he communicates with satanists who are in South Africa so that they can deal with me,” she said.


Fatima also told this publication that Maramba forced her to ditch Wenera where she starred as Tanya so that they could live together.


“Everything was well with me when I was at Wenera but since we were now staying together, he indicated that I should let Wenera go.


“I agreed because I wanted this marriage to last. I feel cheated; he used me to get prominence because I managed to talk to officials at ZBC so that the film is screened.”


Maramba confirmed the shenanigans and said Fatima was possessed by evil spirits.


“I can confirm that I fought with Fatima and unfortunately she was on the losing side.


“She is possessed with evil spirits and I advised her to seek help from either prophets or sangomas for deliverance.


“We had a conflict and she started the fight but in the process I overpowered her and she even damaged property.


“On the issue of pregnancy, I advised her to visit prophets so that the child can be protected because last year she had a stillbirth.


“She is entangled in spiritual attacks. After beating her up, I even went to her parents’ house in Glen Norah but efforts to reconcile were futile as her brothers wanted to beat me up.


“I even surrendered myself to the police but Fatima refused to take advice from the police.”


Fatima was once married to a Hotta Fire Band member.  Fatima and Maramba are the co-producers of Outrage series which is screened on ZTV.

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