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Harare woman loses her marriage after extra-marital ecncounter with another man

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A married woman's marriage has collapsed amid revelations of her alleged unprotected encounter with a local businessman.


It is claimed that Junior Takuranarwo decided to drink beer as way of relieving stress but things escalated and ended in an unprotected sex romp.


When details of this escapade emerged, her marriage ended. Junior confirmed that her marriage has irretrievably broken down following her one-night stand with the businessman named Noah.


She claimed she intended to relieve stress since her husband was out on business.


"I regret visiting night clubs for beer when my husband was away. I got drunk and I was lured into unprotected encounter by a local businessman who promised me money to start a business.


"My life is no longer the same, I feel sorry for cheating on my husband and also for my kids' future following my separation with their father.


"My friends invited me for beer but this has left me desperate and I now realise how important my marriage was.


"To be honest with you I cheated on my husband one day after he left me for two months working in South Africa and I decided to repent, zvinenge zvakangooma hazvo uchiona mamwe madzimai ane varume vavo.


"I thought beer drinking reduced stress but it turned out to be the opposite, it ruined my life, it affected my health.


"It exposed my weakness and today I pray for another chance in marriage.


"Marriage gives women dignity, it separates women from whores and it adds value to women. I regret my actions and I pray that may the Lord forgive my wrongdoings.


"I now see the difference between darkness and light, single women and married


"Ndinoshaya hope ndinofunga murume wangu, kupopotedzana hunge une wekutukana naye nekudhonzera jira.


"I feel sorry for myself and my family and I look forward to another chance," said Junior.


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