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Dokora seeking peace order from his drisgruntled mistress

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  Dokora Dokora

Former Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora is seeking protection from his former mistress, Caroline Muswera.

Dokora’s bid for protection was yesterday heard at the Harare Civil court where he failed to appear with his lawyer saying she was making frantic efforts to locate the former minister.

The two sired a child together and the former minister is accusing his mistress of disturbing his peace and showing up at his place of work unannounced. When H-Metro lenses caught up with Caroline after the hearing, she hurled insults to the reporters.

“You are very stupid; who invited you here?

“You are all going to be in hot soup, hamundizive. I am a dangerous woman,” she shouted.

During the hearing, Dokora’s lawyer Makaka said she was finding it hard to locate the applicant.

“Unfortunately I tried to get hold of him but I couldn’t. I have sent him emails advising him of the date he is supposed to attend the court.

“I also wanted to seek his response the reason being I have only been handed the opposing affidavit today.

“I haven’t had the chance to consult the applicant to get his attitude towards his opposition and also to hear from him why he hasn’t responded to my emails.

“So I was suggesting the matter be postponed to next Friday, January 12,” the lawyer said.

Dokora was last year granted an interim protection order. In response Caroline said; “I don’t have any problems with the matter being postponed and if possible the court can grant him the application but only have issues with how I am going to get access to him.

“He has made some averments and considering that his counsel could not manage to locate him that’s a bit of some challenge to me.

“I have a child who is enrolled at a boarding school who has urgent issues that have to be attended to.

“I also want the court the make an arrangement for us to communicate because you can see that even his lawyer has failed to get in touch with him; how will I be able to do so?” she said.

Presiding over the matter magistrate Lazini Ncube postponed the matter to January 12.

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