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Roki sells all music gear and resettles in the rural areas

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  Roki Roki

Could urban grooves musician Roki have hit hard times? The crooner has now relocated to the rural Chitsvatsva Village in Seke after having sold all what he had to do with music. He however says he sold the old equipment in order to buy new instruments.

The 33-year-old ‘Chidzoka’ hitmaker opened up to H-Metro regretting siring children at a tender age. In Seke he is staying with his sisters and children.

“It’s true I am now living in Seke and I have discovered that living as a tenant for years cost me money that could have helped me to acquire (something) big,” said Roki.

“With the house in Chitsvatsva village, I wake up every day with plans to construct my own studio and do other projects since it belongs to me.

“Kuroja kwakandishaisa zvakawanda but here in Seke all is well with the availability of electricity, which helps me to do many things that makes my music industry grow,” he said.

Roki rubbished talk that he sold his instruments saying he could not keep old things when technology (changes) was taking over.

“If you buy a cellphone you use it and sell it to acquire the latest model so I could not keep old instruments when technology demands better things,” said Roki.

“I sold some of the instruments to buy new ones but useful ones are still there,” said Roki.

He said he did not regret his relocation to communal lands.

“I do not regret living in Seke but what I regret is siring a child while I was young because my mother wanted me to be a church priest.

“My mother passed on last year in March and I failed to attend the funeral since I was in South Africa and I feared journalists who were writing negative about me.

“God is for us all and my mother inspired me to pen this latest single Denga Dzvene and my future looks bright that I wish my fans will enjoy its spiritual taste.

“The video for Denga Dzvene will be out soon and my fans will see how Madzibaba Zacharia and I together with DJ Sugetta posed for cameras in the Domboshava hills in church regalia.

“Mai vangu vangati waifanira kuita mufundisi zvino ndakanyangirwa newakaipa ndikatanga kubara mwana ndichiri muduku zvakandikanganisa,” said Roki.

Asked how many kids he has now, Roki said he had four or five.

“That question is so strange my dear; how do you feel when I ask you the same? Anywhere it’s ok,” said Roki.

He thanked the opportunity he got to feature in Big Brother saying it helped him much in performing in South Africa.

“It was tough at first since life is too fast in South Africa but I quickly managed it, thanks to my featuring in Big Brother; it helped me to be recognised and I ended up being invited to perform alongside great artistes there.

“It was better to be exposed to other artistes out there.

“Zimbabweans living in South Africa knew me and they connected me to other artistes and I was exposed to bigger artistes.

“I learnt a lot in music and I promise big to my fans who I starved for some time but ndagara ndozvandiri handiburitse nziyo fast fast sezvinoita vamwe saka dzichinakidza.”

Roki promised more singles before end of year and is working on jingles for Kwese Iflix.

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