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Magistrate orders ex-husband to surrender all his ex-wife's knickers in the presents of police officers

Nizibone Meyaphi who apparently doesn’t want to be like South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu celebrated for her no-panty stunt pulled a shocker when she passionately pleaded with her ex-husband Fikile Danisa Mathonsi to surrender “all” her underpants she left at his house when he unceremoniously chucked her out. ... Full story

Mayhem as one of family member converts family's poop land his maize field

A family from Sontala Ward 12 in Kezi under Chief Bango’s area is accusing one of theirs of setting up a homestead in an area where they have been defecating for generations. ... Full story

Dokora seeking peace order from his drisgruntled mistress

Former Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora is seeking protection from his former mistress, Caroline Muswera. ... Full story

Drama as two Harare bereaved families jostle for same grave for burrying loved ones

Two Harare families were at loggerheads yesterday as they both wanted to bury their deceased relatives in one grave. ... Full story

Zvishavane man arrested for sucking another patron's manhood in the bar urinary

He wished to have a huge one! A Zvishavane man is struggling to come to terms with what befell him when he was in a toilet as one man who admired his manhood forcibly sucked it. ... Full story

Zvishavane couple bumps into each other with their extra-marital partners at a local lodge

There was drama at a popular guest house in Zvishavane when a couple reportedly bumped into each other on New Year’s Eve, each with a secret lover apparently heading for a lunch-time sex romp. ... Full story

Son in court for torching father's goblin paraphenalia

When a prophet told him that his father was behind his life’s misfortunes Abednico Ntete (20) failed to control his temper and rushed to his rural home where he burnt his supposed father’s goblins and church regalia. ... Full story

Wife annoyed by daring 'small house' visiting husband after midnight every night

A cheeky small house is reportedly on a mission to destroy a 20-year-old marriage. ... Full story

Wizard caught trying to convert dead neighbour into a goblin

A villager was caught red-handed on top of his neighbour’s grave carrying a clay pot attempting to make the late his goblin. ... Full story

Gutu women demonstrate against brewing of Kachasu that weakens their men in bed

IF Hollywood directors were to come to Zimbabwe to pick comic stories to make movies, they would definitely make a perfect movie out of the following tale of some married women from Makore Village in Gutu who reportedly staged a demonstration against kachasu brewing in the area, claiming the illicit brew was behind the dwindling bedroom performance of their husbands. ... Full story

Mayhem as a Zvishavane man gets caught by his wife at his other secret wedding

Thinking of ignoring a private call? Think again as a woman from Zvishavane will live to be grateful to one as it alerted her about her husband’s ongoing secret wedding. ... Full story

Former Finance Minister Chombo and ex-Zanu-PF Youth Leader Kudzanai Chipanga denied bail

Former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo and ex-Zanu-PF Youth Leader Kudzanai Chipanga were yesterday sent to remand prison after their freedom bids hit a brick wall. ... Full story

Sharon Mugabe dragged to court for failing to pay maize debt.

Harare businessman Bernard Mnangagwa has taken local businesswoman Sharon Mugabe to the High Court demanding payment of $24 360 for the 90 tonnes of maize which he allegedly supplied to her last year. ... Full story

Harare man caught by wife buying underwear for client, things break loose

A Marriage of four years is on the rocks because the husband failed to buy his wife underwear. But he could buy for his small house. ... Full story

Clients offer free intimacy as celebration to President's resignation

Clients in Bulawayo joined thousands of residents who took to the streets on Wednesday night celebrating the resignation of President Robert Mugabe after 37 years in office by outrageously slashing prices of their sexual services. ... Full story

Fight erupts as wife finds hubby sleeping in a shabeen queen's bedroom

For two days Senzeni Munsaka had sleepless nights, worried about her husband’s whereabouts not knowing he was locked up at a house just a stone throw away. ... Full story

Zanu PF strongholds defecting as the situation gets more uncertain

Eight of Zanu PF’s 10 Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC) have called on President Robert Mugabe to step down as President of Zimbabwe and President and First Secretary of the party saying he has lost control of the party and government business due to incapacitation stemming from his advanced age. ... Full story

More G40 members rounded up in the wake of current unrest

The pursuit of President Robert Mugabe’s perceived allies by the country’s security forces following their seizure of power on Wednesday morning continued yesterday, with the arrest of more Cabinet ministers and government officials. ... Full story

Elderly lover collapses as she witnesses younger boyfriend kissing a younger girl friend

Olivia Thebe (55) collapsed when she saw her relatively young bae Japhet Ncube (37) kissing a younger lover at Bulawayo’s Renkini bus terminus. ... Full story

Bulawayo man deploys wife to dump cheeky girl friend

Milton Sibanda from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb is one scheming lover. He employed the services of his wife to officially dump his small house Taona Mabuku. ... Full story

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